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Play Workbench Toy Tool Set
Play Workbench Toy Tool Set

Play Workbench Toy Tool Set

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Workbench Toy Tool Play Set Includes:

1 * Drill /1 * Goggle / 1 * Stickers / 1 * Manual /1 * Hand Saw / 1 * Tool Case/ 1 * Dust Mask / 1 * Screwdriver /1 * C-type Clamp /1 * T-type Wrench / 1 * Insulated Pliers

1 * Measuring Tape /1 * Nailing Hammer /1 * Transmission Shaft /1 * Adjustable Wrench / 1*Combination Wrench / 1 * Hanging Storage Bin / 1 * Screwdriver Handle /1 * Three Holes Accessories

2 * Iron Nail /2 * Bench Clamp / 2 * Tool Case Buckles /2 * Suared and Rounded Accessories / 3 * Drill Bits /3 * Wooden Blocks / 4 * Connecting Bar / 4 * Tool Case Stands/ 8 * Red Hook / 17 * Screws / 18 * Screw Nuts

The Importance of Material

The use of child-friendly non-toxic and tasteless high-quality ABS material makes the tool table more stable and not easy to break.
All parts of the workbench tool sets have no sharp edges, so children will not be hurt during use.

Realistic Electric Drill Toy

The workbench tool set has realistic electric drill toys, three different drill bits are available, interchangeable, and run at a moderate speed to prevent accidents that may harm your child when a mis operation occurs.
The electric drill toy has two rotation directions, clockwise and counterclockwise, for you to choose. Start the drill and the LED flood light will stay on.

Wearable Product Line

All the tools in the tool table are fully functional, in order to allow children to use these tools more safely.
The goggles frame is made of non-toxic and odorless high-quality materials to ensure its sturdiness, and the goggles lens is made of polypropylene material, which is not easy to break, to ensure safe and happy play for children.
The elastic band of the goggles is very flexible, suitable for different children's head circumferences.

An Advanced Toy Bench Clamp

Children can put the wooden block on the jig and fix it with a screwdriver to imitate the work of a carpenter.
Through the workbench tool set, children can cultivate interest and exercise independence from an early age.

New Package Design

Packaging with better texture and hardness can prevent damage during long-distance transportation.
After receiving the goods, please confirm the integrity of the package.
We will always be online and help you solve any problems or questions without hesitation.

Greater Work Table Stability

Most of the workbenches on the market are unstable. Therefore, we have widened the support column of the toy workbench. The four connecting rods at the bottom of the toy workbench are stuck at the stress points, so that the entire workbench is evenly stressed.
The stable partition provides good support and also increases stability, but it is not allowed to press the entire body on the workbench, which will increase the risk.

Warm Tips:

Please read our manual to operate the product correctly to avoid damage due to improper operation.

All toys are made of non-toxic and tasteless high-quality materials, and the edges of the toys are free of burrs, so children can use them with confidence.

The product requires 2*AA batteries, which is not included, please prepare in advance

Toys are imitated according to real models, with realistic functions and more fun for children

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