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Play Chainsaw Toy Tool Set

Play Chainsaw Toy Tool Set

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Package Contents:

1 * Goggle
1 * Saw
1 * Mask
1 * Screwdriver
1 * Measuring Tape
1 * Toy Chainsaw
Require 3 AA which is not included, please prepare by yourself in advance.

Functional Rotatable Chains

The rotating chain with built-in mechanical spring can prevent the chain from jamming.
If the rotating chain deviates from the original track, as long as you gently pull outward, the built-in mechanical spring will help the rotating chain to restore.

Realistic Features and Sound Effects

Turn on the power, pull the engine wire, it will make a realistic sound of the motor starting for ten seconds.
When the trigger is pulled, there is a sound that mimics the rotation of the chain, just like a real chainsaw is working.

Safe Chainsaw Chain

If the child accidentally puts his hand on the electric saw, the chain of the electric saw will stop immediately due to resistance and will not harm the child.

Practical Tape Measure

This tape measure is soft, durable and has an interesting turning crank.
There are scales on both sides, which are accurately printed in inches and centimeters. The tape measure is 40 inches long.

Wearable Product Line

The ABS material of the goggles frame can ensure its sturdiness, and polypropylene is provided for the goggles lens to ensure impact resistance and prevent the lens from breaking.
The lens will not be broken into sharp fragments, and it is more effective to prevent children's eyes from being hurt.
The elastic band is very flexible and suitable for different children's head circumferences.

Good Packaging Design

Packaging with better texture and hardness can prevent damage during long-distance transportation.
Please confirm the integrity of the package after receiving the goods.

Warm Tips:

Please read our manual to operate the product correctly to avoid damage due to improper operation.

All toys are made of non-toxic and tasteless high-quality materials, and the edges of the toys are free of burrs, so children can use them with confidence.

The product requires 3*AA batteries, which is not included, please prepare in advance.

Toys are imitated according to real models, with realistic functions and more fun for children.

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